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To achieve its goals the Foundation intends to carry out a number of essential activities, including the following:

  • To promote, establish and manage the Supercomputing Centre of Extremadura.
  • To encourage the development of research projects and technological development.
  • To provide computing capacity, communications and technical support to users through the equipment available at the Foundation.
  • To help with the transfer of calculation research results between public research centres and companies.
  • To operate and share technologies developed by the Foundation.
  • To promote the cooperation between companies and institutions.
  • To promote and collaborate in the organisation of courses, seminars and meetings.
  • To compile and edit books, magazines or multimedia material related to the Foundation’s objectives.
  • To seek and obtain resources for the development of its activities.
  • To contribute to the development and strengthening of the competitiveness of the research communities in Extremadura and the business sector.
  • To provide technological services where required to organisations and companies in the area of supercomputing.
  • Any other activity considered relevant to the Foundation’s objectives.