José Luis González Sánchez
General Manager of COMPUTAEX
joseluis.gonzalez [at]
Julio Mañas Viniegra
Head of personnel and legal affairs
julio.manas [at]
Blanca Pérez Mariño
Head of Accounting and Fiscaling
blanca.perez [at]
Jesús Calle Cancho
Manager of the Supercomputing and Systems Functional Unit
jesus.calle [at]
Felipe Lemus Prieto
Networks and Communications Manager
felipe.lemus [at]
Luis Ignacio Jiménez Gil
Supercomputing and Systems Manager
luisignacio.jimenez [at]
Javier Corral García
Application and Communication Analyst
javier.corral [at]
Juan Francisco Bermejo Martín
Application and Project Analyst
juan.bermejo [at]
Andrés Jesús Sánchez Fernández
Research and Development Technician
andres.sanchez [at]
Antonio Manuel Parra Sevilla
Research and Development Technician
antonio.parra [at]
Julia Hernández Verano
Research and Development Technician
julia.hernandez [at]
Miguel Mahillo Paniagua
Research and Development Technician
miguelangel.mahillo [at]