Juan Manuel Murillo Rodríguez
General Manager of COMPUTAEX
director [at]
Julio Mañas Viniegra
Head of personnel and legal affairs
julio.manas [at]
Felipe Lemus Prieto
Manager of the Networks and Communications Functional Unit
felipe.lemus [at]
Javier Corral García
Manager of the Project and Communication Functional Unit
javier.corral [at]
Moisés Gaitán Fernández
Supercomputing and System Manager
moises.gaitan [at]
Miguel Mahillo Paniagua
Network and Communication Administrator
miguel.mahillo [at]
José Manuel Delgado López
Accounting and Taxation Technician
josemanuel.delgado [at]
Gema Villa Galán
Administrative assistant
gema.villa [at]
Daniel Talaván Vega
Research and Development Technician
daniel.talavan [at]
Javier Sánchez Rivero
Research and Development Technician
javier.sanchez [at]