COMPUTAEX travels to San Francisco to collect the Itanium Solution Alliance prize

  • Mon, 13/09/2010

Humanitarian Impact Innovation Winner LogoJosé Luis González, COMPUTAEX General Manager, has traveled to San Francisco to collect the Itanium Solutions Alliance prize in the category of "Humanitarian Impact". The "Humanitarian Impact" category rewards the innovative use of Itanium-based systems to deliver results that benefit humanity through research, social improvements or other humanitarian efforts.

COMPUTAEX was also finalist in the category of "Computationally Intensive Applications" in conjunction with the University of Málaga and e-Bay, where the winner was the University of Málaga.

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Case study: Protección y seguridad perimetral para el supercomputador LUSITANIA

  • Wed, 18/08/2010

Revista SICSIC magazine, a specialized spanish publication in information protection, technology security, communication systems, develops a case study about LUSITANIA supercomputer.

It analyzes the physical network topology focusing on the connectivity, security and high performance capabilities, in addition to its future expansion capacity.