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The Governing Council of the Junta de Extremadura, at its meeting held on February 6th 2009, approved the resolution to authorise the establishment of the Computing and Advanced Technologies Foundation of Extremadura (hereafter referred to as COMPUTAEX).

The Articles of incorporation were granted on March 24th 2009 with the aims, objectives and activities specified in their statutes.

COMPUTAEX was recorded in the Register of Foundations of Extremadura on April 27th 2009, under the General Telecommunications and Information Society Directorate of the Department of Economy, Trade and Innovation.

In March 2010, the Foundation became dependent on the General Directorate of Science and Technology of the Department of Economy, Trade and Innovation.

In July 2011, the restructuring of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura Government made COMPUTAEX depend on the General Modernization and Technological Innovation Directorate, belonging to the Department of Employment, Enterprise and Innovation of the Government of Extremadura.

In October 2012, with the aim of coordinating the process of formation and implementation of the Science and Technology Research Centre in Extremadura (CICYTEX), created by the 10/2010 Law of Science, Technology and Innovation of Extremadura, the functions of the General Modernization and Technological Innovation Division are attributed to the General Secretariat of Employment and Entrepreneurial Activity, which is now called General Secretariat of Employment, Business Activity and Technological Innovation, from which COMPUTAEX became dependent.

In August 2013, according to the 135/2013 Decree of 30 July, COMPUTAEX Foundation subscribes to the General Secretariat of Science and Technology.

The 262/2015 Decree of 7 August assigned the competences of the Department Economy, Competitiveness and Innovation, to the Department of Economy and Infraestructures of the Junta de Extremadura. COMPUTAEX became dependent on the General Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (board).